Welcome to the MYSverse Blog!

Introducing the new home of MYSverse written content, a free way for the community to stay updated alongside a premium support option!

Welcome to the MYSverse Blog!

Hey there! Welcome to the official MYSverse Blog, the home of not only official group announcements and news, but also interesting written content detailing aspects like the group's history, written by some of our most dedicated community veterans.

There's a lot of big plans we have for the Blog - like inviting developers and other prominent members from the community (or even beyond!) to provide their insight and share their thoughts. This website forms part of our greater content strategy, in addition to our new social media channels - all towards creating the premier Malaysian metaverse experience with impact beyond Roblox.

Things will be up and running here shortly, but you can subscribe in the meantime if you'd like to stay up to date and receive emails when new content is published! We offer a free subscription tier for everyone, so there's basically no reason not to join - but as none of our websites are monetised (we don't run ads since it detracts from our user experience), for those interested in taking their support further, a paid subscription concept named Blog+, providing members with commenting privileges, and access to exclusive premium articles and newsletters. Important group-related posts will always be accessible!

While we do not expect to make a profit from this, your contribution will go a long way towards covering various related costs that come with maintaining web infrastructure - at only RM8 per month or RM69 a year, a cost that we feel is most balanced between affordability and the ability to support our operations.