Weekly Sim Highlights - #2

A round-up of all the cool things our dedicated roleplay groups under MYSverse Sim have decided to share recently!

Weekly Sim Highlights - #2

Has it been another week already? I don't know, but what I know is that we have piping hot highlights from MYSverse Sim headed your way! Introducing our naval friends in the water.

Again, a primary focus on the military roleplay component - as always, we love the excellent quality content produced, but we're still craving that variety that our group is loved and known for. Let your favourite roleplay agency know if you want to see their content posted here, and we'll happily process their submission.

Tentera Udara / Air Force

"PEACE" Trailer

Showcasing a scramble scenario by the Combat Fighter wing

10 PARA / Tentera Darat

Recent Exercise

"Stealth" Advertisement

Short 10-second advertisement

KAD / Tentera Darat

"Striker and Destroyer" Demo

Armoured Fieldcraft demonstration by the 11th Royal Armoured Regiment

Strike Flotilla - Tentera Laut

Assorted Showcase


KD Mahsuri Showcase


Plenty more in the oven, but until next time!