Weekly Sim Highlights - #1

A round-up of all the cool things our dedicated roleplay groups under MYSverse Sim have decided to share recently!

Weekly Sim Highlights - #1

Hey there! Yan is back to introduce the brand new Weekly Highlights format across our web and social media channels - you may have seen glimpses already, like images on Instagram and clips on TikTok, but you can always check this Blog to see the full HD versions and original sources.

While this week has been primarily centered around the Tentera division (military roleplay based off the Malaysian Armed Forces), specifically the army and air force, we're looking forward to putting our other equally-coveted agencies up in the spotlight in future editions!

10 PARA / Tentera Darat

Field Exercise


1st Armored Regt / Tentera Darat


Tentera Udara / Air Force


That's all for now! We're hoping to expand this format to the greater MYSverse community as we go along, but this is just the beginning of showcasing the wonderful work that our members have been doing with the tools and technology we've set up with the help of our passionate and talented developers.

More soon!