MYSverse User-Generated Content (UGC) Policy

Effective 31 October 2023, MYSverse is excited to announce that our UGC, available on the Roblox catalog, is now permitted for use in games outside of the MYSverse network.

This includes a wide range of items, particularly clothing such as uniforms, offering more creative freedom to our community.

However, the use of MYSverse UGC is governed by several important conditions:

  1. Ownership and Purchase
    1. Individuals desiring permanent access to MYSverse UGC within their Roblox inventory must acquire these items directly from MYSverse-affiliated groups and creators.
    2. This ensures that creators are rightfully compensated for their work.
    3. Example of groups include:
        1. MYSverse Malaysian Community
        2. MYSverse Tentera Darat Quartermaster
        3. MYSverse Tentera Laut Quartermaster
        4. MYSverse Tentera Udara Quartermaster
        5. MYSverse Polis Quartermaster
        6. MYSverse Imigresen
        7. MYSverse Bomba
  2. Prohibition of Unauthorized Editing
    1. Editing, redistributing, or reselling MYSverse UGC without explicit authorization from MYSverse is strictly prohibited.
      1. This is to maintain the integrity and originality of the content created under our brand.
      2. However, users are allowed to create additional items, like custom T-shirts, to personalize items such as name tags.
  3. Distribution in Other Games
    1. Developers or game creators who wish to incorporate MYSverse UGC in their games for free distribution (e.g., uniform dispensers) must first reach out to the MYSverse Administration at [email protected].
    2. Each request will be evaluated individually, and arrangements might include a one-off payment or recurring royalties, depending on the nature and scope of the project.
  4. Roleplay Experience and Character Appearance
    1. To preserve the authenticity and order within our realistic, serious roleplay experiences in MYSverse Sim, there will be continued restrictions on character appearances that could cause confusion with members of our roleplay agencies.
    2. This is crucial in maintaining a clear and respectful environment for all players.

We believe that these guidelines will foster a more creative and collaborative environment, respecting the rights of creators while allowing for broader use of MYSverse UGC.

We look forward to seeing how our community uses these resources to enhance their gaming experiences.

For any queries or clarifications, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Let’s keep building an inspiring and respectful community together!