MYSverse: A Political Simulation

A glance into MYSverse's Sim's educational political simulations, including parliamentary and polling processes

MYSverse: A Political Simulation
Introducing a MYSverse feature: Political Simulation!
Hi there! Karl is here to share something interesting about MYSverse!
MYSverse, focusing on one of the aspect of its Malaysian Roleplay experience; Political Simulation, is not limited to just simulate the Malaysian political system in real life but also to encourage the community to participate in in-game politics. This aligns with our purpose; having fun, embracing culture, and promoting education. Not limited to that, we want to create an environment where critical thinking strives and our community to learn and grow.
Empty Parliament Hall | Picture credit: Meer_ASPM
Parliament Session | Picture credit: Meer_ASPM

The first would of course be the Parliament. We know Malaysia adopts the Westminster System, therefore, we have the House of Representatives which we will be focusing on in this blogpost. The Members of Parliament will be present inside the hall to discuss about Bills whether it is to be passed or failed. It is as we see in real life except what we can do in game is limited. Despite the barriers of "keeping it in-game", this is an excellent opportunity to the community members, to those who has interest in the field of politics or those who dreams to be a politician, to practice their ability to think critically, their public speaking ability and their interpersonal relationship management. Personally, I do not think that what they learn is limited to what I had stated. There are various more that they can gain by participating.

Now, we know that Members of Parliament are elected through an election. Does MYSverse have elections? Yes, we do. In the next part of this blog post, we'll go in detail about the election system in MYSverse.

Early Polling for Public Agencies | Picture credit: BERITA
Voting Centre | Picture credit: BERITA
Casting the ballot into the box | Picture credit: BERITA
Inside the voting centre | Picture credit: BERITA

Look at those pictures! I guess you should have a gist on how a voting centre would look like although it differs by a lot in real life. MYSverse has developed; built and scripted the essentials for the voting system to work, providing a nearly realistic voting experience for the community. The team had also created a detailed guide on what to do when you vote from start to end. The votes are entirely choosing on which party the voters wants to win. I did mentioned that the Members of Parliament are elected, but the deciding factor is the number of votes that a party would have. (Though I am totally unsure on that part myself.)

MYSverse, offers a fun and educational political simulation for the community based on the real life system in Malaysia. Even our community members do not limit themselves in discussing in-game politics, but they also engage in discussions regarding real life policies or news, sharing their opinions. While we encourage our members to engage in critical thinking activities such as these, we are aware of such possibilities whereby certain members of the community may act in a certain way that may harm the organization and other community members, therefore, our Moderation Team are always working hard to keep the community safe.