Enhancing Experience: Depiction of organised crimes in MYSverse and how it serves a greater purpose

Delve into the world of fictional organised crime in MYSverse's Bandaraya, where selected players challenge the boundaries of law to enhance role-playing realism and depth.

Enhancing Experience: Depiction of organised crimes in MYSverse and how it serves a greater purpose
Image: MYSverse Polis UTK Operators in the midst of an operation. (Credit: @friknob30)

Presence of Criminal Activity

Bandaraya and crimes are inseparable. With an established set of laws in place, enforced by the MYSverse Polis, it may not come as a surprise that some individuals may attempt to go against such laws in place. Whether it’ll be for monetary incentives, enacting revenge or simply to experience the ruthless response of the police force, crimes are inevitable in Bandaraya. 

Committing a minor crime such as a traffic violation takes no effort at all, and may sometimes be unintentional. However, when it comes to committing more serious crimes takes much more than an intent, but also with a cost; financially, perpetrators may bear the cost of purchasing a firearm from Ammulaysia, a hacking device or a ‘parang’ from an unauthorised vendor. 

The cost to commit such crimes are not cheap, with the cheapest firearm valued at 5 thousand in-game currency. Hence, sometimes the cost of the crime outweighs the benefits, as any attempt to go against the law is met with a serious response from the Polis. 

Immersive Roleplay Potential & Challenges

With limitless boundaries as to what could be achieved in MYSVerse, law-offending players are able to create a role-play environment and situation where crimes are involved. For example, hostage situations, kidnapping and unauthorised demonstrations are a prime example of how players are able to execute such plans with such meticulous details, utilising only the readily-available tools and environment provided in game. In some instances, Developers and Moderators aid in facilitating such events with the necessary tools and environment to further enhance the role-play situation. 

Realising the potential in which crimes could be further enhanced to give Bandaraya more ‘life’, MYSVerse and its Moderation and Administration Team announced that Organised Crime Groups (OCG) were allowed to operate in-game (Bandaraya and Daerah), so long as it meets the following minimum criteria: 

  • The OCG must be registered with the moderation team. 
  • The OCG and its respective members must follow a set of guidelines laid out by the moderation team.
  • A minimum of 5 members is required, with no severe moderation record. 

Incorporating the OCGs into the game is no simple task, moderators and administrators are tasked with ensuring that the ‘roleplay’ aspect of the game is not lost due to abuse and ruining the game for other players not directly involved and giving such groups a reason to register and making it worth it for the members apart of the OCG they are apart of. 

To balance it out, moderators and administrators came up with a solution which serves great benefit to both uninvolved players and OCG members:

  • OCG members are only allowed to shoot other factions within a few selected areas within the game. 
  • OCG groups are to receive additional support from the Moderation team, to further enhance the criminal roleplay experience. 

Enhancing Experience – Crime Roleplay

As such, the introduction of an Organised Crime Roleplay Group (OCRG) brings forward much greater opportunity & potential to the roleplay aspect of the game with many more features that could be added, allowing collaboration between Public Service Departments, the Crime Groups and the Citizens to further improve and enrich the game in many aspects. 

As a brief side note, being a member of an OCG myself, I could confidently say that the role-play experience in Bandaraya has significantly improved in terms of the crime related aspects of the game. I do not speak on behalf of the Polis, but I’m sure they are enjoying the experience themselves as much as we do, especially those UTK operators.