Behind the Scenes: The Teams that Power MYSverse

Meet the teams behind MYSverse: Administration, Moderation, IP Protection, Content, and Development. Explore how their collaborative efforts shape our immersive Malaysian-themed virtual world.

Behind the Scenes: The Teams that Power MYSverse

As a hub for immersive, Malaysian-themed virtual experiences, MYSverse has been a leader in combining fun, culture, and educational values with metaverse concepts. Our success stories, like Lebuhraya and Bandaraya, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Today, we're excited to introduce you to the internal teams that are the backbone of MYSverse, working tirelessly to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for all our users.

The Administration Team

Orchestrating Success

The Administration Team is the strategic core of MYSverse.

3 young adult males stand in front of the entrance to a police headquarters building.
MYSverse delegation to Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) HQ, January 2024

They focus on business collaboration and outreach, ensuring we partner with the right allies to expand and enrich our virtual world.

Strategic planning is their forte, as they map out the journey of MYSverse, considering every twist and turn.

Their role extends to managing finances and accounting, making sure our resources are wisely allocated.

But their most visible contribution is perhaps in coordinating group-wide events and efforts, creating memorable experiences that bring our community together.

Impact on the Community

  • Fosters partnerships that bring new features and experiences.
  • Ensures financial sustainability and growth.
  • Orchestrates events that strengthen community bonds.

Members of the Administration team are known as administrators, or admins. In many cases, especially on our Discord server, they are the first port of call for any serious group-wide issues.

Key Figures

Roblox Avatar of @yan3321, Head of Administration
  • Yan (@yan3321), Head Administrator
    • As the Head Administrator and technical co-founder, Yan is the driving force behind MYSverse.
    • His involvement spans from business and marketing to hands-on development. A visionary leader, he strives to create a balanced and thriving environment for both players and fellow developers.
    • Email (for business/legal matters): [email protected]
  • Yi Heng (@yiheng16), Deputy Head Administrator
    • Serving as the Deputy Head Administrator, Yi Heng focuses on general administration, finance, and accounting.
    • Though his role is more behind-the-scenes, his expertise in legal matters and inter-team communication is vital for the seamless operation of MYSverse.
    • Email (for administrative issues): [email protected]
  • Lush (@LushDeadlymau125), Deputy Head Administrator (Sim)
    • As the Deputy Head Administrator for Sim, Lush plays a key role in coordinating the roleplay community within MYSverse.
    • He bridges the gap between the community's needs and the administrative decision-making process.
  • Rob (@robbywobs), Administrative Director
    • The Administrative Director, Rob is often the initial point of contact for business outreach.
    • His role in drafting communications and managing relationships with partners is essential for the growth and expansion of MYSverse.
    • Email (for collaborations and outreach): [email protected]

The Moderation Team

Guardians of Our Digital Realm

In any virtual community, safety and respect are paramount. Our Moderation Team is dedicated to keeping our games and Discord channels safe and enjoyable.

They're well-versed in local culture and slang, allowing them to understand and manage the community effectively.

This team handles a variety of moderation concerns, from overseeing in-game behavior to managing ban appeals, ensuring that MYSverse remains a welcoming space for all.

Impact on the Community

  • Maintains a respectful and safe environment.
  • Ensures fair and transparent handling of moderation issues.
  • Promotes a culture of respect and understanding.

The community knows these team members as mods, short for moderators. Any member wishing to address a moderation case, such as a ban appeal, typically do so via opening a ticket in the MYSverse Moderation Discord server, or through a Google Form and email.

Key figures

Roblox Avatar of @garbeeze, Head of Moderation
  • Garvis (@garbeeze), Head Moderator
    • As the Head Moderator, Garvis is responsible for overseeing the moderation of both in-game and Discord environments.
    • His role in managing the moderation team, recruitment, and ensuring adherence to guidelines is crucial in maintaining a safe and respectful community.

The IP Protection Team

Defenders of Originality

Intellectual property is the lifeblood of creative endeavours. Our IP Protection Team focuses on safeguarding our assets from theft on platforms like Roblox.

An example of a case file
An example of a DMCA copyright infringement notice email issued to Roblox

They are skilled in filing DMCA takedowns and meticulously documenting each case to protect our original content. Their vigilance ensures that the creativity and hard work of our team are respected and preserved.

The Moderation team is responsible for handling reports of asset theft, which will be passed on internally to the IP Protection team.

Impact on the Community

  • Protects the uniqueness and originality of MYSverse experiences.
  • Ensures creators’ rights are respected.
  • Maintains the integrity of our virtual world.

The Content Team

Crafting Our Story

The Content Team is our voice, telling the story of MYSverse through various media.

Blog showcase on the MYSverse website

They are responsible for the production of videos, images, and texts that you see across our social media platforms and blogs - like this one!

Designs in 1:1 aspect ratio for social media such as Instagram

Their creativity brings our virtual world to life, engaging the community and attracting new members to our growing family.

Impact on the Community

  • Enhances engagement through compelling storytelling.
  • Keeps the community informed and connected.
  • Drives growth and attracts new users.

Key figures

  • @hazifnazmi, Creative Director
    • Hazif provides general oversight of MYSverse's creative direction, including the Development and Content teams.
    • As head of the Content team, Hazif reviews production of content across social media channels.

Development Team

The Builders of Dreams

Also known as Hornbill Interactive, our in-house technical development team is the engine room of MYSverse.

They are responsible for engineering and maintaining our Roblox experiences and web infrastructure across a variety of diverse genres, mainly involving roleplay. Imagine a virtual version of KidZania, but free and easily accessible anywhere, as long as you have an internet-connected device.

Developers strive to provide authentic, in-depth, entertaining yet educational experiences - a process involving not just heavy investment of time and effort in research and development, but a healthy dose of passion as well!

Their expertise in crafting interactive and immersive worlds is what makes MYSverse stand out in the metaverse landscape.

Impact on the Community

  • Continuously improves and innovates our virtual experiences.
  • Ensures a stable and responsive online environment.
  • Bridges the gap between imagination and virtual reality.

The devs or developers of MYSverse are some of the most popular personalities in the group, hosting a variety of in-game events with the power of their creative tooling and admin command privileges. But behind those friendly faces, lie a very dedicated and serious commitment to constantly addressing suggestions and bug reports!

Key figures

Roblox Avatar of @rad_ikal, Head of Development
  • Rad (@rad_ikal), Head Developer
    • The Head Developer, Rad, is the strategic planner behind the development efforts.
    • He manages the allocation of resources and talent, focusing on a range of projects from building to scripting, and 3D modeling.
    • His leadership is key in keeping the volunteer-driven team focused and productive.
    • Email (for development and recruitment): [email protected]

Inter-Team Collaboration

The MYSverse Symphony

While each team has its unique role, the magic of MYSverse lies in their collaboration. Like a well-orchestrated symphony, each team's contributions are harmonized, creating an experience greater than the sum of its parts.

These key figures in each team work in tandem to bring the best of MYSverse to its community. The synergy between Yan's visionary leadership, Yi Heng's administrative acumen, Lush's community coordination, and Rob's business outreach creates a strong administrative foundation. Garvis's moderation strategies ensure a respectful and enjoyable community experience. Rad, with his development expertise, drives the technical and creative aspects, turning visions into virtual realities.

Each leader brings their unique strengths and perspectives, but it's their collective effort and passion for MYSverse that truly makes the difference, even across borders (Garvis and Rad are Singaporean and Filipino respectively). Their collaborative approach not only enhances the individual areas they oversee but also contributes significantly to the overarching success and sustainability of MYSverse as a whole.

This synergy is what makes MYSverse not just a collection of games and experiences but a vibrant, ever-evolving community where fun, culture, and education come together seamlessly.

Join us in celebrating the teams that make MYSverse a reality. Their dedication, creativity, and collaboration are what make our virtual world a place where dreams take flight.