MYSverse Brand Kit

MYSverse Logo

MYSverse Logomark

The logomark is 4 right-angled triangles bordering a square containing a modern, angled hibiscus, the national flower of Malaysia.

The 4 triangles symbolise the 4 co-founders of [MYS] Malaysia, the predecessor of MYSverse.

The square represents the platform we were founded on and mainly operate on, Roblox, and the hibiscus serves as a symbol of the community we represent and the nationally themed experiences we create.

MYSverse Logotype

Our logotype is typed in the Outfit font, available in Google Fonts.

It features our name stylised in lowercase, with the "MYS" portion being slightly bolder than the latter.

The second "e" uses an alternate character that is angled upwards.

Despite the similarities when used on a light background, the logotype when used in colour is a darker shade of grey and not black.

A collection of these assets may be downloaded as below, subject to the following guidelines:

Adaptations for Affiliated Organizations

  • If you're part of an affiliated organization, you may adapt our logo following our adaptation guidelines.
  • All adaptations need to be approved beforehand as described in our process.
  • Our logo and brand elements are significant to us. We ask that you use them respectfully.
  • For external entities wishing to use our branding, please seek permission. Unauthorized use will be addressed according to our policy.

Contact and Support

If you have questions or need further information about using the MYSverse brand kit, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].