Game Update - Bandar v3.6.0

Check out the latest updates to our city simulator game, Bandar!

Game Update - Bandar v3.6.0

The hardworking team at Hornbill Interactive, our in-house development team has just released an update to Bandar, the realism-based roleplay game set in the city of Kuala Lumpur!

These changes were deployed on the 13 October 2023, and will be reflected in new Roblox servers.

Update Highlights

  • Added KLCC bus stop
  • Added FLAXIM depot/team
  • Modified MYT depot
  • Redo spawner for 4 bus operators (transitKL, FirstBus, Fertua & Transit Velocity)
  • New bike lanes along Jalan Ampang
  • Moved Jaysonite Studios HQ next to Fetch
  • Updated Jingo Bells @ MYS Community Hangout, PR
    • Chances of bell ringing
      • Before: 5%
      • After: 10%
  • Adding bus lanes along Jalan Ampang
  • New lightpoles along Jalan Ampang
  • Reworked Jalan Raja Chulan (new traffic direction now)

Developers' Note

As mentioned previously with the new direction of MYSverse, our developers will be focusing their efforts on other games, current and future, that are accessible to the widest audience of players.

This may mean games like Bandar, which are group-limited and roleplay-centric, will take a back seat for the foreseeable future, but will be revisited once resources allow!